ACS Services


We specialise in Earthworks, Groundwork, Demolition, Haulage and Land Remediation. We’re here to provide quality driven service with unquestionable results and we just may have the solution that suits you!


Here at ACS Civils we specialise in Earthworks, ranging from large Bulk Excavations and cut/fill operations right down to small scale foundation excavations. Including staged excavations, where propping is required. This includes for the handling of different types of materials from peat, topsoil, suitable materials, unsuitable materials, breaking out and reducing levels of rock. We also have experience and the trained skilled workforce for carrying out specialist earthwork treatments, such as soil modification through the use of lime/cement stabilisation.

Temporary Works

Here at ACS Civils we work closely with industry specialists such as VP Groundforce & Causeway Geotech to establish ground conditions and suitability for excavation, commencement works and where required to produce technical designs for the use of appropriate temporary works measures in order to carry out any job as safely and to as high a quality as possible. Whether that be through the use of deep trench boxes or drag boxes in order to carry out drainage and ducting, or manhole boxes and cofferdams in order to carry out works in a set location with confined working conditions or propping for pile walls etc to carry out basement level reduce excavations requiring the retaining structures to be supported until the permanent structure is in place.

Drainage Works

We have extensive experience and knowledge carrying out all different methods of drainage whether it be Deep or shallow, with concrete, clay, Upvc, twinwall and metal pipework of all pipe diameter sizes. We also construct and carry out lining of drainage suds ponds and attenuation tanks. Our skilled workforce is trained and has experience with carrying out pipe welding to HPDE/MDPE & LDPE pipework whether it be through Electro-Fusion Collar welding or Butt Fusion Welding.


ACS Civils has a significant fleet of modern Lorries suitable, and maintained, for carrying out almost all haulage requirements; whether that be large scale earthwork movement operations, requiring disposal offsite in designated and licenced tips, or plant and equipment haulage using our Lorry and lowloader.

Reinforced Earth Structures

We have carried out numerous Reinforced Structures and Reinforced Earthwork Structures, whether that be through standard RC Retaining Wall Structures or more specialist reinforced earthworks structures such as Decorative Reinforcing Walls with reinforced fill or structure fill in layers between Paragrid Geogrids, such as Macwalls or TensarTech TW3. Other types of reinforced earthwork structures we are proficient in working with is the TensarTech Greenslope, more so used in landscaping areas.

Housing Developments

Here at ACS Civils we strive to be the one stop partner for Construction firms who need a company that can come in and carry out all the site clearances, Cut/Fill to site levels, infrastructure works, drainage, ducting and landscaping finishes that they don’t have the resources to carry out, working with them throughout the project, while adapting our works to work with them in completing the finished project to the highest possible standards in a reasonable time frame with great cost control.